Deepwoods MC | 5 Tips For Choosing the Best Motorcycle Gear
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5 Tips For Choosing the Best Motorcycle Gear

5 Tips For Choosing the Best Motorcycle Gear

When talking about the motorcycle gear, we are referring to the pants, gloves, boots and the jacket. They are the items that you wear for safety, fashion and for the riding purpose. Below are the 5 Tips For Choosing the Best Motorcycle Gear:


1.Size of your gear.



Never make a mistake of purchasing motorcycle gear without trying it on. Buy gear that is neither too tight or too loose. Look for the gear that makes you feel comfortable. One that will allow your body to ventilated and body parts to move freely. Your hips, knees, and shoulders should move comfortably.




When choosing the gear to cover your upper body, look for something compatible with a reflector jacket. Remember that your safety is key when riding a motorcycle and being very visible is very crucial to avoid accidents.


3.Water resistance.


When buying your motorcycle gear, put into consideration all the weather climates. Do not forget that sometimes, the rain may find you in the middle of nowhere. Gear that is not water resistant is very dangerous to your health. You may catch a cold or pneumonia. Accept to spend more and purchase gear that is waterproof. Some people may opt to buy separate gear for rain which is also advisable.


4.Good ventilation.


Imagine yourself in that heavy gear meant to keep you safe. What happens when it gets too hot. The gear will become so uncomfortable to ride on. To avoid this, buy a motorcycle gear that has ventilation sections on it. Most gear has zippered openings on the back and on the chest. Ventilation under your armpits is also helpful.




When buying a motorcycle gear, you should be careful on the company that built the gear. This is because some companies are there to make profits. Companies that are reliable, will give you the best quality and keep you safe. They make seams that are double stitched or triple stitched with a very smooth finish. Pick boots that have a steel shank, ankle protection, toe protection, and shifter pad. If not keen, you may end up buying motorcycle gear that is not reliable at all. Most professionals will refer you to specific brands of specific reputable companies.


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