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Best Air Integrated Dive Computers

Air Dive Computer

Best Air Integrated Dive Computers

Air integrated computers are one of the most sought after designs in the tech world. Air integration is especially helpful for a diver, amateur or professional. It enables a jumper to perceive how much weight stays in a tank by simply looking at it. Getting an appropriated air integrated device perfect for your style of jumping can enable you to make the most of your underwater time. Here are some of the best computers for you, whether you are an amateur or a professional diver.


If you want something easy and something simple and easy to read. The Zoop does the job very well. If you are a first time diver then this is the perfect one for you. This air-integrated computer is perfect for first time purchasers who are starting out, it is simple and easy to use and gives value for money, introducing you to the technology of the air-integrated computers.This air integrated computer comes with a bright phosphorescent display, learning mode, downloadable dive logs, wrist or console mountable.



This is another watch which is perfect for people just venturing into diving with air-integrated watches. Extremely affordable for a product with advanced features such as an integrated compass and wireless air integration. This bulky watch is perfect for recreational activities while you are diving. It uses gases like air and nitrox and is mountable on your wrist. Additionally it also comes with an integrated compass.


This air integrated computer is made for people who are looking for a more technical aspect in their air integrated diving computers. This device is perfect for professionals and experienced divers. This device can be used for both recreational and technical activities. Whether you are an experienced diver going for an adventure or going to explore the depths of the sea, this device is perfect for you. It has upto 4 nitrox mixes, comes with an integrated compass and has a slim ergonomic design for a OLED screen



This air-integrated device comes with a wrist mountable feature. This one is also good for the experienced people, and additionally for people who are on a budget. Its gas system is made up of upto 3 nitrox mixes. It is very easy and comfortable to wear. Additionally, this device also has an Innovative reserve battery system &capacity to monitor up to 10 wireless transmitters. So it has a long batter life and is very convenient compared to other devices.


This air-integrated computer lives up to its name, like the name sounds, it comes with a lot of power. Its gas mix features a mix of about 6 nitrox gases. It can be mounted as a hose and has a long battery life. This one is for the professional divers, the ones who are used to air-integrated devices. It comes with an integrated compass and is incredibly easy to read even in low visibility.

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